New In November 2016

Hello, ladies !
It`s that time of the year we`ve been all waiting for - december. We all love december because everything get sparkly and christmasy decorated. I love when all of the main cities in our country get christmas lights and a big christmas tree. You can smell christmas spirit all over the city and peoples even though the decorations in our stores are available a bit too early for me, but anyway I love winter and christmas decoration in my room, also scented candles are must have for me every year. I can say that december is most magical and special month in the whole year. I just can`t wait to to buy a mulled wine in christmas fairs, so I love the smell od gingerbreadmans. So this year I am going to my very first advent trip to Salzburg next weekend. I cant wait too see their christmas fair and lights.
So let`s return to the main point of this post my new makeup bits Ive bought in previous month. So let`s get started !

Hofer scented candles

Id you may know I`m so in love with scented candles . So as I saw five different scented candles in hofer commercial I immidiately know I must get them. I only both four of them because the last scent was marziapn and I don˛t really like it. So I bought vanilla onecoconut macaron, christmas biscuits and baked apple. I`m testing the vanilla one at the moment and its smells very nice.

I heart makeup chocolate and peaches eyeshadow palette

As I love their chocolate palettes, I must add this beauty to my collection. It has a gorgeous mix of 16 shimmer and matte eyeshadow with two peachy shades, which are so amazing in real life. I didn`t tried it out but I will soon, and tell you if it`s worth buying or not.

Avon lipstick and nail polish

Avon kindly sent me package this month containing a gorgeous red nail polish in shade royal red, which I already tried it out and it looks so gorgeous and festive on my nails. The package also included red lipstick in shade poppy love, which is a bit to bright for but I`ll try to wear it anyway. Thanks avon!

Muller and Dm

I also spent some money again in muller and dm. That`s nothing weard, do you agree ? As I saw that Deborah Milano released new liquid foundation that promises to minimize pores I immidiately bought it. My first impression are quite good, it impresed me nicely. With the help of pore minimizing primer my pores became realy small but the largest pores on my nose are still visible. I also bought catrice kaviar gauche eyeshadow palette just because of the cute design, the colours didn`t impress me that much.
In muller I discovered a full stand with Misslyn bedtime stories limited edition. I took a lingerie blush, which is a very interessting shade. It`s not like everyday pink blush, but is amore mauve pink shade but still looks nice. I shoose an eyeshadow palette in shade cozy night too, beacuse of the gorgeous three colour, which are just great for fall and winter. Eyeshadow also have a very good pigmentation and it lasts quite long of the lid too, of course with the help of an eyeshadow primer. And the last thing I bought is lipstick of corse. I bought cream to matte lipstick in shade 267. Oh my gosh, how I don`t like when they gave a lipstick a number ! I think every lipstick deserves its own name, what do you think? Lipsticks colour is very similar to blush, is a bit more mauve pink colour and it`s very comfortable on lips. It doesn`t dry them out at all.

Golden Rose

As I wanted to visit golden rose store in Celje for so long I finally decided to take a trip to Celje at the end of the month. And of course I spent some month there too. Buceause I`m a huge lipstick addicts I first took a look on lipstick. I decided to give it a tra to vision lipsticks this time, since I saw their ngridient is vitamin E. I choosed two shade, 111 which is gorgeous more burgundy colour and the shade 107 which is more pink colour with a hint of the red colour I think. Because I love to try new mascaras I choosed wonder lash 12x volume&lash lift mascara. I must say its quite good for it`s price. It separates my lashes nice and give them a nice volume, but it`s not that longlasting on my lashes as my favourite maybelline lash sensational mascara. 
I decided to buy two ice chic nail polishes in shade 22 and 42. Until now I only tried out the shade 42, which is a gorgeous burgundy colour with a gorgeous shimmer. It lasts on my nails for three days, which is quite good for me.

On the end I bought terracotta blush on in shade 07, which is light pink shade with gogeous shimmer. I use it more often as a highlighter. I also bought a fan brush for applying highlighters.

Tuš drogerija

Because tuš drogerija was very near by golden rose I decided to take look. And I couldn`t left without buying anything. So I bought my first thing from artdeco and that were crysatl oil drops. And I was not disappointed at all. As I glitter addict can I say that these drops are one of the most gorgeous highlighters I own. They gave so much glow and glitter to my face. I simply adore them.
I also bought this eveline cosmetics because of the cheap price, it was something around 6€. I getvolume celebrities noir mascara andadvance volumiere eyelashes concentrated serum with bio restore complex. I must admit I din`t tried it out yet.

 L`Oreal pure clay exfo mask

As these three new L`oreal clay masks landed into our dm drugstores I decided I must try at least one. And luckily they have a discount in dm so I decided to try the one with red algae. I tried it out one time and my first impressions are quite good. It make my skin very smooth and it exfoliates my skin too. I will tell more when I try it out a few times more.


On the end of the month I aslo ordered few thing from essence limited editions glitter in the air and little x-mas factory.
From glitter in the air I bought one for all shimmer drops which are amazing, but for me the packaging for me who love glitter it`s just too small. I also get strobing blush and highlighter powder, which is great glittery blush with gorgeous design, then I get lipstick in shade 02 can`t buy love, but lipstick. It`s gorgeous baby pink colour with semi matte finish on my lips. Very interessting is lipstick`s shape because is in diamond shape. And the last one is strobing brush. The brush have very soft bristles and you can easily apply highlighter with them.
From my little my x-mas factory I get contouring set in shade elf yourself. I was completely disappointed about that. It`s pigmentaions is very poor. Bronzer is barely visible on my face, and also highlighter i`s not much better. I expected more from this product.
But the shimmering stars were ok. You can nicely apply them with kabuki brush and they a much more shimmer to your face.
And as I gift I received  catrice strobing gel higlighter from their upcoming limited edition pret-a-lumiere. All I can say ----> Its gorgeous !

Primark and avon

Lovely Ajda from Nyx`s beauty blog was so kind to get me few things I wanted from primark. She get me trio blending sponges. They didn`t impress, they are just to hard for applying liquid foundation or concealer, even when it`s it doesnt expand at at all. 
But I like contour crayons, they are nicely pigmented and they glide very nicely on my skin. Even blending is easy.
I also get primark scented candle with cute penguin design with the smell of cinammon and cedarwood.
And from avon I ordered cute bubble bath with cute reindeer design and with the smell od plum and vanilla, I will soon try it out!

So, my dear reader, that`s all I bought in november. It was again a month of spending money hehe. But I visited golden rose in Celje, which was my wish for so long since we don`t have golden rose store here in Maribor yet. Of course I visited stari pisker too. I highly recommend to you if you are near Celje to visit stari pisker, because they offer very delicious food and the staff very nice.

So, how do you like my makeup newbies ? Did you try anything out ? Just let me know in the comments down below, I appreciate everyone of them,

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Luštne pridobitve, me mikajo te L'oreal maske.
    Pa kakšna kjut Essence božična embalaža :)

    1. Ja, jaz bom tudi verjetno še kakšno njihovo masko kupla. Ja embalaža je res kjut, škoda edino paletke da ni boljše kvalitete.