Review : Japan Candy Box April 2016

Hello, beauties !
After a sunny weekend I`m back again with very sweet post. This time I`m reviewing a april`s japan candy box. This was my very first box eevr and i must say I was very satisfied with the content. I really liked almost every candy, except one. To find out what candy I didnt like just keep on reading.
Lidl Kozmetika Cien

Pozdravljene, lepotičke !
Tokrat je zopet na vrsti objava v slovenščini, tokrat bo govora o lidlovi kozmetiki Cien.
Nekaj časa nazaj, sem prejela njihov mail za možnost skupnega sodelovanja. Seveda sem se takoj strinjala in pričakovala sem mogoče dva ali tri izdelke ta testirat, ampak ko sem prejela paketek sem ostala brez besed, prejela sem namreč celotno linijo pudrov, lip glosov in lakcev, tako sem zdaj pripravljena na prihajajoče poletje.
Pdjetju Lidl se še enkrat iskreno zahvaljujem za ponujeno možnost sodelovanja in krasen paketek !
Review : Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters

Hello, beauties !
I`m back again with another review of one of the newest essence limited edition which is still available in our drugstores. I`ll be talking about limited edition which is meant for caring and shaping your eyebrow. In this limited edition you can find everything for your eyebrows, from tweezers and cute stencils and eyebrow treatment. So let`s atart with review.
Kawaii Box April 2016

Hello, beauties !
Long time, no see ! Sorry for that but I was very busy but now I`m back with non beauty review. In april I discovered cute box, filled with cute kawaii stuff so I immidiately order april`s box and when it came on my doorstep I was so exited. So in this post I will show you, what was hiding in april`s kawaii box.
Adria Spa pena za tuširanje sivka oliva

Adria Spa v svoji zanimivi in pestri ponudbi ponuja tudi pene za tuširanje, od katerih so na tržišču trije novi vonji. Še enkrat se podjetju Adria Spa iskreno zahvaljujem za možnost testiranje nove pene za tuširanje z vonjem sivke in olive v priročni potovalni embalaži.
Če vas zanima, kako mi je pena všeč pa le pozorno berite naprej.  
What I loved in April

Hello, beauties !
I decides to start with new monthly series - my monthly favourites. Those who read me often know thai I post about my newbies at the beginning of every month.
So I will choose up to ten products that I love to use past month and write a mini review about them,
So here are my first monthly favourites - April favourites !
Pink Beauty - Collaboration with Brownimalist

Hello, beauties !
Here is another collaboration post, this time with lovely Valentina from Brownimalist. if you don`t know her yet go check her facebook page and her blog because she recently changed the name and the whole look of the blog. She writes amazing post with awsome photos so you must definetly check her blog. 
So we decided to do a collaboration post about beauty products with pink packaging, so we look for pink stuff we own and write a post with short review of them.
So if you want to know ehich one I own, keep on reading.
New In : April 2016

Hello, beauties !
Another month passed and I`m writing again a post about my new beauty products I bought last month. Surprising this month was very good one, I got noticed by two brands, which offered me a collaboration and I agree with them and so few days later two lovely packages suprised me. Also this month was very popular new limited edition lights of orient by essence, so I grabbed a few things ----->> You can read a review Here !
Keep on reading, if you want to know what I also bought this month.