My top 10 of 2016

Hello, my dear reades !
First I must apologize for my long pause, but I must say that I have busy months and also in this cold winter days I didn`t gave much of attention to my blog because my inspiration was very low, but now when the warmer days are coming, I decided to start writing again. It`s the end of the january, last days I was also wondering how time flies and I said to myself I must post about my favourite products, and here it is. A post about my top 10 products I used in 2016. 
So, if you want to know, which products I loved to use just keep on reading.

1.) L`Oreal Paris Infallible 24-matte liquid foundation 
11 Vanilla

This is the best drugstore mattifying foundation so far I tried. It has a great coverage, it cover all my imperfections immidiately, also is not that heavy on the face but still it`s not the best foundation for the winter time. Also the lightest shade suits me quite well, but I don`t have problem picking up the right shade for me. 
What I love the most is staying power of this foundation. It stays on me for whole day, without heavy or cakey feeling, It`s not sticky at all, you can apply it with beauty blender or oval brush. I use mostly my oval face brush. 

2.) Avon prime and set spray

This was my favourite fixing spray for the whole year. It`s cheap, you can get for about 4 or 5€, it depends from catalogue to catalogue. For it`s prices does its job very well, I spray it few times on my face, I usually draw an "X" and that`s enough amount for keeping my makeup lasting all day on my face. I thinh I orderd it about ten times last year.

3. ) Misslyn you glow girl strobing cream

this was my favourite highlighter last year, but sadly it was just part of Misslyn bedtime stories limited edition. I love highlighters in gold colour, this one suits me very well. It`s so easy to apply, you use your wet beauty blender and just pick a right amount of product and blend it into the chhekbones, my forehead, nose and chin. It gives a gorgeous golden glow to your face, and it stays on your face for the whole day. 

4.) Golden Rose Longstay liquid matte lipstick
Shade 03

This is one of my most used liquid lipsticks last year. Because I love more nude and pinky shades, I decided that shade 03 was right for me. It applies so nice, the pigmentation is really good and it dries super fast to matte finish. After a few hours it starts drying out my lips, but I solve my prblem with my beloved nuxe lip balm and the I reapply it on my lips. It`s lasting power is amazing, I was drinking and eating and it looked untouched for 5 to 6 hours. I am really impressed by this lipstick.

5. ) M.A.C. Brave

This was my very first m.a.c. lipstick, I bought in on my trip to Vienna. It has satin lip finish and it`s not that drying on the lips, it`s very comfortable to wear. I choose an everyday nude pink shade, called brave. I love the bullet packaging,and the colour is just perfect. Beacuse I`m a lipstick love, this one was my top one choice for going for shopping or going to coffee with my friends.
Lasting power is quite ok, it`s not very longlasting, but if I don`t eat and drink it stays on m lips for about 3-5 hours. It`s not very longlasting, but I still love it beacuse is so comfortable to waer, and the colour is the one for me.

6.) Sleek matte me ultra smootj matte lip cream
Shade Birthday Suit

And this was my third beloved liquid lipstick. I don`t like the aplicator, it doesn`t apply lipstick so nice I wanted but I forgive it beacuse of the colour and lasting power on my lips. It`s not that drying as golden rose one, but it`s still very good. It lasts one for a whole day with minimum fading.

7.)  Maybelline Lash sensational lash multiplying mascara

This one became my favourite very quickly. It`s amazing drugstore mascara, which give my lashes a great volume, it separates them nicely and my lashes don`t look clumpy. It`s lasting power is amazing, it doesnt go away even when it`s not a waterproof formula.

8.) Lush Ocean Salt Face and body scrub

This one I bought in the beginning of the year and the 250g packaging I had for the whole year. It`s a litlle bit more rough face scrub, so I don`t recommend them with dry and sensible skin. It removes dead skin cells immidiately from my skin and it leaves my skin very smooth. Becasue is a bit more rough I use it once in two weeks or more,

9.) Lush Cupcake fresh face mask

This face mask was skin care discovery of the year ! I bought it immidiately after the seaside, beacuse my skin was going crazy with imperfection and this one really helped my skin to recovery. It has a most amazing smell I could imagine, so if you love cacao and chocolate you will definetly love this mask too, but it`s just for oily skin. 

10.) I heart makeup Naked Chocolate eyeshadow palette

I`m so into nude eyeshadows tthat this palette I used the most in the last year. It`s cheap, which is a great bonus, the shades are nude, chocolate and golden ones. I bought it immidiately since I saw a review from Adjusting Beauty. And it blow me away, the pigmentation is awsome, you can blend it so easily and they last on my lids for the whole day with a little help of my avon eyeshadow primer.
Grat palette for a great price!

So, we came on the end of my most used and loved products in 2016. My dear readers, how do you like them ? Did you use regularly any of them last year? Tell me more in the comments.

Thanks for reading

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  1. Infalliable se je uvrstil tudi med moje top izdelke zadnjih mesecev oz. Leta 2016 :) Golden Rose šminkice pa so itak top. :) welcome back, se vse vračamo spet 👏👍
    J. ♡

    1. Ja, golden rose šminke so fajne, čeprav so mi deborah tudi zelo dobre. Hvala, se bom zaj potrudila bolj redno objavljat.

  2. Mi lahko prosim poves kateri copic tocno uporabljas za nanos pudra? :)

    1. Jaz uporabljam tega ovalnega, kaj je v obliki krtačke, naročila sem ga pa kr iz ebaya.

    2. Aha hvala. Imas mogoce prosim kaksen link z ebaya 🙂

    3. Evo link :

  3. Paletko sem ravno dobila :D Najprej sem nameravala kupiti peach verzijo, ampak so končno na dobili spet to belo in ker jo imam že tako dolgo nagledano, sem jo mogla naročit :D Upam, da mi bo všeč :)

  4. Infallible je res tako presneto dober, ampak na meni izpade oranzen in pretemen za zimo pa ga moram zal mesat. Vecni problem pri L'orealu :D

    1. Ja, včasih majo res čudne odtenke. Navadni infallible puder pa ni tak oranžen.