In August 2017, the new essence trend edition “awesoMETALLICS” provides nails with a mirror shine effect, holographic highlights for the complexion and bright metallic lips to create statement looks in the ultimate trend: metallic. Afterwards, the products will join the essence standard range. 

instant volume boost mascara smudge-proof and intense black 
The intensive, black mascara provides maximum lash volume thanks to the volume brush consisting of innovative flower-shaped fibers. It only takes 10 seconds to apply! 

Instant volume boost mascara smudge-proof and waterproof
 Mega volume that lasts all day and is waterproof – not a problem thanks to the waterproof version with a volume brush made of soft fibers. Maximum lashes in just 10 seconds.

Metal shock eyeshadow
 The creamy, highly-pigmented eyeshadows with glitter particles create fascinating, metallic eye make-up styles deluxe.
02 Stars and stories

 03 galaxy rocks

04 supernova

Eye & face palette
 Colour-coordinated eyeshadows, a blush and a highlighter turn this palette into an absolute it-piece for the eyes and complexion.

 03 be kissed by the moon

Metal chrome blush
 The soft blush with vibrant pigments in rosé gold, copper and bronze creates radiant cheeks with a metallic shimmer.
20 copper crush

30 the beauty and the bronze

Metal shock lip paint 
Metallic lips are all the rage right now. The fascinating look is easy to achieve with the concentrated lip cream, which feels light on the lips and offers a velvet-matt finish.
01 belladonna

02 hemlock
03 lilly of the valley

Prismatic hololighter stick
 A practical highlighter stick, which provides the cheeks with a holographic finish thanks to its light-reflecting pigments. 

10 be unique be a unicorn

Vibrant shock lip paint
 Cool colors – pink, blue or grey – with velvety-matt results and a light, non-sticky texture with a high coverage turn the lips into an absolute statement. 
01 voyeur
03 red viper
06 black widow

Metal shock nail powder
 For a breathtaking mirror effect on the nails: apply nail powder while the nail polish underneath is still slightly wet and lightly polish into the nails. Create cool effects with dark nail polishes. For an ultimate mirror shine look in silver, use transparent nail polish as the base. Seal with the metal shock sealing top coat. 
01 mirror, mirror on the nail
01 mirror, mirror on the nail
 02 me and my unicorn
02 Me and my unicorn
 03 i’m so fancy
03 i’m so fancy

Metal shock sealing top coat
 A gentle water-based top coat – a must for sealing the metal shock nail powder manicure. Can also be used with any other nail polish. 

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