I Love Christmas Tag

Hello my dear readers !
This blog post will be only in english, beacuse it was posted in english version of my friend Loving from Berlin, who posetd this tag yesterday. As i saw her post i wanted to be a part of it, beacuse I like these kind of tags, especially christmas themed and I love everything what has in common with christmas,
So let`s get started with christmas tag. 

1. What is your favourite christmas color ?
That`s so easy, I like wearing red and gold but I hate green color.

2. What is your favourite christmas movie ?
My favourite christmas movie is Polar Express, because I always feels a little bit childish and I love watching cartoons.

3. What is your favourite christmas song ?
I love shake up christmas from train, beacuse. I can listen this song for a whole day and I will be stil loving it. I also like christmas songs from Michael Buble.

4. The most anticipated Christmas Tradition ?
I love baking and decorting. I don`t buy baking books beacuse I have some old recipec from my grandma. I always bake wallnut cake and vanilla biscuits for my family.

5. Is your tree fake or real ?
My tree is always fake since I was little.

6. PJ`s or fancy dress on christmas eve ?
I would say neither PJ`s neither fancy dress. I`m loving to be dress comfortable, such as jeans and a nice sweater.

7. When do you open presents - on the Christmas eve or on the christmas morning ?
I always open the on the christmas morning, beacuse that`s the tradition in my familiy.

8. Do you believe in Santa ?
When I was little I did, but then I find out that the real santa was my father, but I still want to visit santa`s village.

9. What is you christmas wish ?
My wish is the same as every year, that my family and especialy my boyfriend remains happy and healthy

10. Have you ever built a gingerbread house ?
I love baking but I didn`t ever build a gingerbread house like ever. My boyfriend doesn`t even like gingerbreads.

11. What is your dream christmas destination ?
I`d love to visit every town who has traditional christmas fair and beautiful christmas decoration, but if I must pick one then it will be Wienna.

12. Can you name all of santa`s reindeers ?
Give me a second to think ... hm cupid, rudolph and that`s all :P

That`s it. I hope you enjoyed reading this tag. I will Tag few my blogging friends.

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