New In August 2016

Hello, my lovelies !
And another summer month is sadly over. I spent this summer very well, I visited Vienna and then I was off to seaside with my dear and now is almost autumn. I cant`t wait for long walks in the woods and the weather is also very warm, and it`s that time of year when you can start weraing dark lippies such as wine red which I love. If you take a look into my wardrobe a have a plenty pieces in that wine red colour.
But going back is that time againg on the beginning of the mont to show you my beauty buys in previous months. So let`s get started!

At the beginning of the month I received a very cute package from I was super excited to receive this package, because I ordered few things from A`Pieu Rilakkuma edition. I bought cushion foundation in shade 21 with the cutest design ever, also cushion blush in shade PK01, which is so adorable pinky shade and water light tint  in shade PK01. If you want the review of all of these items let me know in the comments.

I also found some time to shop in our muller. In muller you can now find the new cosmetic line called L,O.V., which is sister brand from essence and catrice. Since I love both brands I immiditely went to muller and picked up two items. I choosed  Forbidden dramatic volume mascara, which I already tried it out and I must say is great for me, I can compare it wish maybelline lash sensational mascara. I couldn`t leave the stand without buying any lipstick. I bought Lip affair lipstick in shade Verena`s rose, which is gorgeous pink nude shade, suitable for everyday.
In Dm I bought the whole new balea limited edition, called rummelplatz. In this line you can find Liebestoll liquid hand soap, zucker zuss shower gel, schwungvoll shampoo for every day using, frische kick sgaving gel, super soft body lotion, zauberhaft hand lotion and luftig leicht deo spray. I already tried few things out and liked them a lot.
I also bought new blush brush and ebelin concealer sponges.

I also went to muller few days ago. I bought new Garnier skin active sheet mask for normal and combination skin. I already tried it out but it`s nothing special for me. I also needed new cleansing gel, so I decided for muller brand Cadeavery 3in1 clenasing gel, peeling and mask, and two pack of cleansing wipes, I choosed cadeavera micellar wipes. Kozmetika Afrodita releasedn new hand cream with argan oil scent and I immidiately buy it, because I already love their mystic argan body lotion and shower oil. From essence I picked up matt touch blush in shade20 berry me up, contouring eyeshadow set in shade02 brownies with frosting, eye make up remover pads andcolour&care lipstick in shade 05 queen of everything.

At the middle of the month me and lovely Sandra from Keep calm and wear lipstick decided to place an order on Kiko Milano website. I choosed Skin modernist 2in1 foundation&concealer in shade 10 warm rose, enigma lipstick and lipliner in shade 01. 

At the beginning of the month I placed an order on Lush Slovenia website too. I desparately needed new face mask, beacuse my skin went crazy after coming home from the seaside. So I bought cupcake mask and tea tree toner. Both thing are amazing, face mask smell delicious ind it helped my skin fighting with imperfections. Also tea tree toner worked very well, it matiffies my skin and help imperfections to disappear.

Also Essence Slovenia surprised me this month. They kindly sent me few thing from upcoming limited edition girls just wanna have fun to try out. I received lovely cosmetic bageyeshadow palette, highlighter and multicolorblush.

After a long time I ordered something from oriflame. I got tea tree purifying oil, which is my second bottle and is great to heal the scars after the imperfections disappears, I also get tea tree purifying toner for the first time and the last but not least is featherlight lipstick in shade pink cloud.

August was also time for essence and catrice sortiment update. So I get few thing from both brands. Let`s start with essence. I get 2in1 makeup˛concealer liquid foundation in the lightest shade 10 ivory beige and compact powder in shade 10 ivory beige. Both I tried few times and i`m impressed with both. Foundation is light enought and it`s nicely pigmented. Also get picture ready pore refining mattifying primer and brightening concealer caught my eye. I can`t say how I like them because I use them for about two or three time, but concealer seems very nice.And now the lipsticks.. I get three shades from colour&care lipstick and they are 02made my day, 06 girls club and 05queen of everything. The texture is very nice and it really moisturises my dry lips, and with the lipstick also comes the new perfect kiss lip primer. It works very nice, I tried it with these color&care lipsticks and it they last longer on my lips but not for whole day.

And now it`s time for catrice. I was so excited for the new HD liquid coverage foundation and when I get it I immidiately tried it out. It`s the best drugsore foundation I`ve ever found. Is so lightweight, you feel you are wearing nothing on your but still it covers very well my imperfections, it doesn`t look caky and it lasts on me for whole, and the lightest shade is the best for. Great job, Catrice!
I also bought new contouring stick in shade 02 for medium skin, and it`s ok, nothing special. It˛s great for everydays. Higlighter is almost matta nd the contour shade is ok, it blends very nice.
And then two new mascaras, because I have sensitive eyes I decided to give it a try to new sensitiv` eyes mascara andkohl kajal in black colour. Kohl kajal is ok, but for mascra I don`t know if it`s ok or not because I didn`t tried it out, second mascara is pret-a-volume smokey mascara velvet black which I also didn`t tried it out because now I`m using my L.O.V. mascara. And on the end are two lippies, velvet matte lip cream in shade 01MidNude season and 02Rose your voice. They are nothing special execpt the colour. The colour is ver nice but that`s all, you can`t notice any matt finish and I was very disappointed about that.

Avon kindly sent me two shades of their new shine burst sticks. I get shadenude shine and rasberry glaze and the shade rose I bought by myself. Thnks again, avon!

So, finally we came at the end of this month`s newbies. I really like them alot and I`m using them almost every day. 
So, my dear readers, how do you like the post? Did you get anything from essence and catrice sortiment update? Di you want to see a special post about any product? Let me know in the comments down below, I appreciate everyone of them.
Thanks for reading.


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  1. Sami super izdelki :3
    Od catrice novega sortimenta sem vzela broken glass efekt lak in rumeni cream camouflage concealer. Mam pa se oci vrzene na njihov hd puder ampak ko sem bila nazadnje so bile police cisto izropane :)

    1. Hvala! Jaz pa nikoli ne vzamem nobenega laka, ker nisem ravno velika ljubiteljica lakov. Puder je pa z razlogom vedno izropan, ful mi dober pa ful lepo izgleda na obrazu.