Review : Essence Coast `n` Chill LE

Hello, lovelies !
Its time for another review. This time I`ll talk about essence coast `n` chill limited, which you can already see it in our drugstores. I received eyeshadow & eyebrow palette and brush and blush pebbles. Recently I bought both liquid lipsticks and the strobing palette.
In this LE you can also find nail polishes, lightening and darkening drops, liquid highlighter, lip balm in two shades and nail stickers.
If you want to know more about this LE just keep on reading.

Eyeshadow and eyebrow palette
01 Good vibes only

I received this palette from team Dominur to test it out. 
The packaging is plastic like all essence products, but it doesn`t bother me at all. It seems enougfh sturdy that it won`t break when you accidentally drop it.

I as so excited to try this palette since the shades are not in their own pan, I really like this ombre effect.
I tried it in both ways, I really like it for brows, but I dont really like it for my eye make up.
The pigmentation is good but nothing special, it blends nice on my lids but I dont really like them on my lids because it dusts quite a lot and I don`t even like my eye make up to be matt. I`m huge fan fan of glitter and everything sparkly. 

But for brows I use it on the daily basis. I`ve got very strong and dark brows so I dont need much of the products. I just line and fill them to look more fancy and in nice shape.

Eyeshadow & Eyebrow duo brush
01 Enjoy the good vibes

These brush comes very handy when using the eyeshadow and eyebrow palette. It`s double sided, on one side you get flat brush for applying eyeshadow, on the other side andled brush for lining your brows.
I really like the side for eyebrows, the part for eyeshadow seems a liitle bit hard, but it does its jobe very well.

Strobing palette
01 Be happy & shine more

This strobing palette I bought on my own, since I love collecting highlighters. At first sight I thought it`s not going to impress me but in the end it surprised me.

In this palette you get three highlighters in nude colours.

They are very good pigmented and give a nice glow to the cheeks. My favourite is the third one. It has bigger glitter in it and it looks the most blinding. 
First two are more subtle and suitable for those girls who love subtle glow.
The staying power is very good, they last a quite all day.

Blush Pebbles
01 Cheeks on fleek!

These blush pebbles I received as a PR material. 
They come in plastic pot with top in the dusty rose colour.

In the packaging you get 14,65g of products that last for a while. 
The pebbles you get are in nude colours such as brown and nude pink, so it looks very natural on the cheeks. They are nicely pigmented and give your cheeks a hint of colour. I dont really like very pigmented blushes because you must be very careful with them, but 

Velvet matt liquid lipstick
01 smooth & move
02 smooth & groove

I`m also a huge of lipsticks, liquid and classic so I must bought these two too. I like both colours, 

First one is more nude colour suitable for every day, I wear it almost with every makeup look.
Second one is more cold toned mauve colour perfect for autumn. 

All I can say that these lipsticks are amazing. I didn`t expect they`ll be so good. They are very well pigmented, one coat is enough to completely cover your lips. 
And the lasting power is amazing, they stay on my lips for whole day untouched, even while I`m eating. 
If they are still available in our drugstores, I recomment you to get them.

In the end I can say I really liked this limited edition and darker colurs which are perfect for autumn. My stars of this limited edition are vlevet matt liquid lipsticks and teir great staying power, then I really like the strobing palette and blush pebbles.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Highlighterji zgledajo res kjut,ampak se mi zdi dokaj podobna paletka eni,ki jo je imel Essence v redni prodaji.
    Šminki pa čudoviti, upam,da še najdem kje kolekcijo... bi imela obe. :D
    J ♡