Essence Juice It! LE

Hello, beauties !
Did you noticed the newest essence limited edition called juice it! in our drugstores ? If you didn`t you definetly must check out this cute friut themed limited edition. All products have such a cute packaging as always and few things got a place in my make up collection. 
If you want to know, how did the LE impress me just keep on reading.

Essence Juice It! Jelly Tint lipstick
01 Cherry Cherry Lady
02 A Melon Miles Away

Because I`m a huge lipstick lover I bought both jelly lipstick. The packaging looks so cute and the texture when I opened both lipsticks reminds me of korean lip tints. 
Both lipsticks are transparent, but still have a pink stain on my lips, finish is glossy which is perfect for hot summer days. They also moisturises my dry lips very well.
For me those lipsticks are more like lip balms with a hint of pink color. The lightest shade is barely visible on my lips, but the darker one is just perfect.
Lasting power is nothing special, it quickly disappears from your lips when you are eating or drinking.

Essence Juice It! Glossy Lipliner
01 I love you cherry much
02 You`re one in a melon

I bought both lipliners to see how do they work with jelly lipsticks. They both have a glossy finish, they glide nicely but laso is the lightest shade barely visible on my lips, but still you can notice a hint of colour. The same as the lipsticks, the lasting power is nothing special, they last on my lips for about an hour without eating or drinking.

Essence Juice It! Lip Smoothie
01 Pretty, with a cherry on top!

I mostly bought this lip smoothie because of the cute cherry packaging. Since I saw the preview I knew it must be mine someday ! It has a lightweight texture so it won`t be a first choice for very dry and chapped lips, for those who have normal lips it will be ok, because it moisturises lips very nice. Also the scent is amazing, like real cherries ! This lip smoothie laso has a hint of light pink color which is not thaht much noticeable on my lips.

Essence Juice it! Ball Blush
02 Give peach a chance

I bought this ball blush just because I was curious how will be look on my skin since I don`t own any peachy toned blush. So this is my first peachy blush in my collection and I must say it looks very nice a little bit more natural on my skin. Application is very easy, you just pick it up and apply blush on the cheeks and then blend it very well. It`s nicely pigmented with no glitter. Also the staying power is ok, it stays on me for almost a whole day ! I really like the color and fresh look it gives to my cheeks.

So, on the end I can say I really like this limited edition, especially blush is very nice and the jelly lipsticks are something new in my lipstick collection.

So, my dear readers, how do you like this post? Did you get anything from this LE? Let me know in the comments down below, I appreciate everyone of them.
Thanks for reading.


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