Review : Oriflame Essense&Co Lemon&verbena line

Hello, beauties !
I`m back with another blog post, this time I will talk about oriflame essense&co body line with the smell of lemon&verbena. The whole body line contains body wash, liquid hand soap and hand&body lotion. I won this amazing price a while ago on instagram, so I`m testing it out for about two months and now I can share my opinion about these products right now. 
So if you want to know if they are worth buying just keep on reading.

Body Wash

All of the products came bigger plastic packaging with gold and green writing on the front, where you can find all information you need to know. On the back side is the list of ingredients and you can see there is a cute floral design on the label inside. 
You get 300ml of green body wash.

The smell is just amazing, it refreshes your whole body and it awakens you after a long day. This scent is great for summer days, when we all love a bit more fresh scents. The formula is very wet, you must be careful because it can slip in between your finger when applying to your body. 
This body wash is not very moisturising, so it`s not appropriate for dry and very dry skin even in the summer. It cleanses my skin very nice, but nothing special. Hygienic pump dispenser allows you to control how much of product you need. 

Smell is nice, but it doesn`t have any special effect on my skin. The smell stys on me for about an hour or two, then it quickly disappears. Right after taking a shower I need to apply body lotion because my skin felt a bit drying because I have a liitle bit dry skin even in the summer.

Liquid Hand Soap

Also this liquid hand soap is nothing special. I expect from any liquid soap that it moisturises my dry hand, but this one doesn`t do its job very well. The packaging is the same as body was so I won`t be repeating myself.
I have dry hands and cuticles all over the year, so this liquid soap isn`t my first choice. When first try it out I didn`t fell any comfortable feeling on my hands, they were still dry but the smell remains on my hands for about an hour and that`s all I like about this liquid hand  soap,
The formula is also very wet and slippery, so it also can slip in between your fingers.

This one is appropriate for those who don`t have problems with dry skin, also it cleanses them nice but nothing special to me.

Hand&Body Lotion

This one also comes in 300ml plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and you can put it in your bathroom to use it after washing your hands. 

It`s very lightweight formula in white color and it`s not moisturising at all, not for hands not for body. I was disappointed about this products, because it smells amazing and I was very excited to use it hot summer days or at the seaside but I ike coconut scent much better, but the formula not ok for me.
First I applied it on my hands, the first impression was good despite lightweight formula, but my hands were dry after half of an hour, only the smell lasted a bit longer.
Then I give it a chance on my body but it also doesn`t work well with my skin on my legs. It was the same as on the hands, moisturising effect disappears after half of an hour. 

So, on the end I cans say that the line didn`t impress me at all. All I liked was that fresh scent, but the products don`t have longlasting moisturising effect. So I you have problems with dry skin all over your body, I wouldn`t recommend this line for you, but if you love the frsh scent and don`t have any problems with dry parts on your skin just go for it. 

And you, my dear readers, did you try out anything from this lemon&verbena line ? How do you like the products ? Let me know in the comments down below, I appreciate everyone of them.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Waaw, embalaža teh izdelkov je res minimalistično čudovita. Bi z veseljem preizkusila izdelka, samo škoda, da ti niso odgovarjali. Imam pa tudi sama zelo suho kožo, tako, da dvomim, da bi tudi meni odgovarjali, ker rabim res tisti long lasting effect. xx

    1. Embalaža in vonj sta res lepa, škoda da je ostalo samo pri tem. Ti pa priporočam adria spa losjon za telo z vonjem limonske trave in pomaranče, ta je veliko boljši.