Review : Essence The Glow Must Go On palette

Hello, beauties !
I`m here with another post about essence products. Do you love their products and limited editions like I do ? Then this post is just perfect for you, because I˛ll be talking about the bronzing&highlighting palette from their newest limited edition called bloggers beauty secrets. In this limited edition you can find four diferent palettes, four difrent nail polishes and a cosmetic bag. The glow must go on immidiately caught my eye, so I order it from click2chic.
So let`s get strated with a review.

This palette was created with collaboration with Selena

I love everything about this palette, it has such a cute design with a little mirror inside and also yu can notice oriental vibe on and in the palette. Also the color selection is great. Packaging is simple cardboard box, it`s enough sturdy and it has magnetic closure. It small enough to fit in every small purse ind it`s great for traveling. 
This palette contains one highlighter, three bronzers in the middle and two eyeshadows and also a small brush and a mirror. I just love this palette because it has everything you need in summer days and it`s easily perfect getaway palette.

Bronzers are in three diffrent shades, you can use them separately or mix them all together. The small brush is ok for appying highlighter and bronzer, but for eyeshadows is to small.

Two eyeshadows included are a cinnamon shade, which is strong orange shade. At first sight I thought it will be too bright for me, but when I applied it on the eyes it doesn`t have that strong orange shade.
Second shade is sandalwood shade which is medium dark brown shade. I love to apply it into the crease and the cinnamon shade on the whole eyelid. Sandalwood shade is much better quality than the cinanmon one, it doesn`t dust very much, color can be buildable. Both shades are matte with any glitters in it.

The honey glow highlighter looks very pale at the first sight but when I first swatched it it had such a pretty color, it has silvery shimmer. When applied it gives it gives a golden reflect. I love applying this highlighter because is nicely pigmented and you don`t need a big amount to achieve the desired glowy look on your face.
All three bronzers are very good pigmented and they are very glowy, they are silky and smooth and aren`t dusty. You don`t nedd a big amount of the product to achieve a warm bronzly look on your face.
Bronzers are in pink gold, bronze and copper shade. Finish of the bronzers is metallic and it looks nice on warm skin tones.All thre shades are super buildable and blendable.

Lasting power of eyeshadow is good, with the help of my favourite avon primer they last for about 45 hours before they start fading, also the bronzer have good lasting power, they stay on my face for a almost whole day with the help of good face primer, foundation and fixing spray. 

On the end I can say I really love this palette, especially bronzers because I love to wearing them every single day, because I look like a wapire without them. I`m using this palette for about two weeks now and still one of my favourites, I`m thinking I`ll be taking with myself on the seaside because is very handy and it has such a nice color combinations, also the price is very affordable. I get it for 5,29€ on click2chic. Essence&Serena did a really greta job creating this palette, one thing I miss  in this palette is a nice summery blush and palette would be more perfect.

And you, my dear reders ? Did you get any palette from this limited edition ? If yes, ghow do you like it ? Let me lnow in the comments down below, I appreciate everyone of them.
Thanks for reading.


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