New In July 2016

Hello, beauties !
My summer vacation just ended and now I`m back with new ideas for blog posts. When I was on the seaside, I celebrated my first year of blogging. A lot changed in this one year, I didnt now much about blogging and less about taking good photos and I`m still trying to take good photos. 
A lot was happening this month, at the end of june I celebrated my 23th birthday, so me and my boyfriend went shopping in Seiersberg in Austria. I visited primark, kiko and other drugstores.
Ofcourse I spent some money in Primark, what I bought you can see here !

On 9th of july I visited a capital city of Austria, Vienna. There I bought some beauty treats you can`t buy here in Slovenia. I bought few the body shop treats and in Douglas I bought something special.


First I visited Primark and there I choosed only two beauty products. I got ombre lip trio in lighter pink shades and contouring sticks, which I love to use. They are nicely pigmented and very easy to use. You can blend them nicely with stippling brush, but with the sponge they don`t work very well.

I couldn`t resist to visit Kiko Milano store. I was so happy when I saw some discounted products so I got Desert dunes blush trio in shade 02 gypsy pink and unlimited stylo lipstick in shade 01.

I also shop some maybelline newbies in Bipa, which you can`t get in Slovenia. I bought fit me matte and poreless foundation in shade 105 and bricks bronzer in shade blondes.

In Dm I also found some new stuff, I bought sweet mint lip balm,balea cocnut kiss shaving gel, Nivea sensual body lotion with vanilla scent and balea creme gel maske with cooling effect.

When visiting Vienna I treated myself with some beauty stuff you can`t get here in Slovenia. I visited the body shop store. There I bought discounted vineyard peach body lotion, which is the loveliest fruit scented body lotion I have. It was 8€. I also bought coconut body butter, which is amazing. The smell reminds me of the seaside, palm trees and sand beaches. I love to use it, it was 7€.
I also got two testers, english rose body butter and moring body sorbet.

In douglas I coudn`t resist buying my very first MAC lipstick in shade brave. This is such a love everyday nude pink shade with satin finish. I just love to wear this lipstick, it gives such a comfortable feeling to my lips.

From click2chick I order few catrice sound of silence treats. I bought fluid glow, blush&bronze and gel eyeliner pen. Review is coming soon!

Before the seaside I bought few new goodies. I bought catrice chocolate nudes palette, which was discounted and beautifying lip smoother in shade balckberry muffin. In muller I bought lavozon golden sun lip balm with coconut scent, tiny glitter and spf 30, lancome juicy shaker in shade meli melon. In Dm I bought balea nude kiss lip balm and new ebelin make up sponge.

When I came back from the seaside I also stopped in dm, where I bought new catrice Pret-a-Volume mascara, lip gloss in shade sunkissed nude and all about nude powder brush from alverde natural brightnes limited edition.
I also order few pices from catrice contourious limited edition. I bought sculting powder palette in almond architect andlip contour&colour in shade nude and rosewood.

So, we came on the end of july`s newbies. I was spending a lot of money this month, but my excuse is I had a birthday at the end of june. 
So, my dear readers, how do you like my newbies ? Did you try anything from them? Let me know in the comments down below, I appreciate everyone of them.

Thanks for reading.


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