Review : Essence The Beach House LE

Hello, beauties !
It`s time for another beauty review. This time I will talk about essence the beach house limited edition, which was released in june but I didn`t have time to post a review about this cute limited edition, but still you can find few products in dm drugstores. I really like summer limited edition, because they are all abou bronze, highlight and glow.
If you are interested in what I thought about the limited edition just keep on reading.

Duo Eyeshadow - 01 bulid me a sandcastle

Duo eyeshadow you get in transparent plastic pot, it contains 2 grams of product for 2,19€.
The texture has cute chevron design.

Lighter shade is white or very light beige color, the other one is taupe shade with a hint of olive green. Both shades are very light, even lighter than my skin tone, so it looks like I`m wearing nothing on my eyes. On the darker skin tones will probably look better.
Texture is slightly wet and it doesn`t have a fall out. Both shades have satin finish, because both shades are very light the pigmentation is not very good and it looks like I`m wearing nothing and I don`t like that.

Duo Blush - 01 Give me vitamin sea!

This duo blush also comes in a plastic pot, which contains 9 grams of product for about 3€ I think. The same as duo eyeshadow, blush also has chevron design on the texture and it looks very pretty.

It has wet texture, but contrary of the duo eyeshadow the duo blush has really good pigmentation. Finish is also satin without any glitter but still you can notice small sheen.
Lightesr shade is baby pink color with white base, darker shade is coral shade. When you mix two shades together you get lighter coral shade, and I really like this shade, because is wearable. I like how fresh and natural it looks on my cheeks.

Beach glow fluid - 01 Girls just wanna have sun

This is a shimmer fluid, which can be applied on cheeks  or used on skin and your neck for more intense look, you can aslo mix it with your day cream.
It comes in a white plastic tube with cute beige chevron design. It contains 30ml for 3,79€.

I was super happy when I got this product to test out, because I like everything bronze and shimmery. This is a crany liquid fluid. It doesn`t have a good pigmentation, just a light tint.It`s yellow golden bronzed shade and it also has a small silver shimmer, which I like very much. If you apply thin layer you get a slight tint but if you apply more layers you can get a very nice highlighter or bronzer, depends how dark or light is your skin tone. 
It dries very quickly so you need to apply it quickly or leave it to dry and then blend it out. Also you can mix it with your body lotion for glow all over your body. 

Lipstick - 01 beachy keen, 02 A summer kinda girl

Lipsticks come in pastel coral and darker coral plastic. Each of them costs 2,99€.
The lighter shade is pinky peach shade on the outsideand in the middle is berry shade. In darker shade is darker coral shade on the outside and in the middle is lighter pink shade.Both are very creamy and glossy, to me it feels like something between lipbalm and lipstick, and it feels very comfortable on the lips. It doesn`t dry them out, it gives them a moisturising effect. 

These lipsticks are not longlasting so you need to reapply them after eating or drinking. I took both lipstiks on the seaside, because they are so easy to use, you just apply it on the lips and you don`t have to worry abou them.

Kabuki brush - 01 Don`t make a wave

I really love the cute chevron design with small star fishes on this kabuku brush. It has white plastic handle and it costs 4,99€.
My first thoughts about this brush were : omg, why is so huge ?
It say it can be used with duo blush but for me is way too big , it better works when you`re applying bronzer on your whole body, because is very fluffy and it doesn`t pick up too much product.

Lak za nohte - 02 A summer kinda girl

This nail polish is a nice peachy shade it looks great on darker skin tone, for paler skin tones is just too light. I use this nail polish on my toes and it looks too light for me, because in summer I like neon colors very much but one the finger nails it looks very nice nude shade, suitable for everyday.
For full coverage you need two layers, and it dries very quickly, butb sadly its not very longlasting. Using it without base and top coat it lasts on me for about 3 day, with base and top coat for abou 5 days. 

So, we came on the end of this review. I can say I really like this limited edition, only the duo eyeshadow disappointed me a little bit, because it`s too light on the eyelids and it seems like I`m wearing nothing. I really like the beach glow fluid and the duo blush. Beach glow fluid looks very nice if you apply it on your shoulder and on your neck, because it gives very nice sun kissed glow. Also the blush shade, when you mix them together looks very nice and fresh on my skin and I need a small amount of product. Kabuki brush is good but it`s just too big for using with the duo blush. I also like the lipsticks, because both look so summery nad glossy.

And you, my dear readers, how did you like my review ? Did you get anything from this limited edtion ? Did you try something out ? Let me know in the comments down below, I appreciate everyone of them.
Thanks for reading.


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