My Top 5 Spring Beauty Picks - Collaboration with UniqaPoly !

Hello, beauties ! 
This post it`s a bit diffrent! It`s collaboration post with fellow blogger , whom you probably already know - lovely Polona from UniqaPoly ! If you don`t know her already, you can check her blog and her facebook page. I follow her blog almost three years now, and still she is one of my favourite bloggers, because she writes an amazing posts with lots of details which are great when you are buying new products, also her pictures are awsome.
In this post I will be talking about five favourite spring beauty picks. I will show to you what I use this year. So if you want to know more about my favourite spring picks just keep on reading.


I`m huge fan of this bronzer, I`m using it every single day. This is the lightest shade with small highlighter spot in the middle. The shade is easily built up if needed, it suits me very well now when I don`t have a tan, but also is great choice during the summer because I don`t get a lot of tan. It`s a little bit dusty, but really just a bit so is still easy to use. It`s really good pigmented, I need just one swipe of this and then just blend it out on my face.  The highlighter has a tiny shimmer bit it still give a silky soft finish. The lasting power is also great, for me it lasts about 8 hour, and ofcourse I used primer and a setting spray. The packaging is nothing special, but still writing is very lovely. 
You can get it for 2,49€.


There are three lipsticks available, so I decided to buy two of them, but still my favourite is this pinky nude shade. This shade is very nice for use it every day, because is a nice pinky nude color and you can wear it as part of daily makeup look. Formula is very smooth but not creamy, so i fell on the begining it was hard to apply. The finish is matte, but it looks to me more semi matte finish, also formula shows up all my dry patches and the lipstick doesn`t look flattering. Lipstick doesn`t survive eating, and leaves a nice stain when wears it off. The packaging is very slim, in black and golden writing. is fully covered in a two layers.
You get it for 2,29€.


This is a new volumizing and lift mascara available in our country and it also be a part of permanent mascara collection in our drugstores. 
This formula comes in a waterproof and non waterproof version, you can get for around 10€.  It looks almost like a dual ended mascara. This comes with basic straight line plastic aplicator, which has sharp spiky bristles. I had no problem with applying this mascara, it applies without clumps. It strokes through very quickly and easily on my upper and lower lash line. So the applicator isn`t huge, so you can`t poke your eye. The formula sets to a nice soft finish, so 
I don`t feel my lashes were crunchy. During the wear I didn`t have issues with flaking,smearing and smudging.


This cutie pie is my favourite this spring, sadly it`s limited edition. I got this in set with same shower gel. First the packagins looks very lovely because is in my favourite colors, pink and red, also has a pink cap. It doesn`t get any more romantic scent than this. It`s ultimate scent of flowery, rose scent, gentle and very natural., just like you are smelling your own flowers in the garden. The texture is very lights and it sinks into my skin very fast. It moisturises my skin well, even in the cold winter day because I don`t have and very dry parts on my body. I find the scent very calming and also relaxing, so I love to use it especially in the evening. 


Avon released a new musk perfume few campaigns ago, a woody oriental take on the simple idea of musk scent. The packaging is easy and also very fresh looking to me, It`s very suitable for warmer spring day because the scent is not to strong.
This perfume features notes of rasberry, lily of the valley, dry fruits, woods, vanilla and musk.
The lasting power is light to medium, because is toilette sprav and not a perfume, but still i can smell it two or three hours after applying it, then I just have to reapply it.
It betters stay on the clothes, on the hair and on the neck. Smell quickly disappers from my wristles. 

I really love this scent of vanilla and musk, you can easily notice them, it`s not so sweet, but is something special spicy scent which I like. I love this toilette spray for spring and also for summer, and I use it daily.

So, we came on the end of this post and i hope you like it. And to finish off my post, go and check UniqaPoly`s choice for spirng.

You can read her here at UniqaPoly, and also follow her on facebook, instagram and bloglovin. Don`t forget to check her post here !

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Same super si izbrala! ;) Tole šminko sem si jaz tudi skoraj kupila pa sem si potem prmeislila! Imam drug odtenek že in mi je super! Hvala za super sodelovanje! Bova še kdaj ponovili! ;)

    1. hvala ! <3 meni je ta odtenek še skoraj boljši od vijolčnega, je bolj moje barve. Hvala tebi, še z veseljem kdaj ponoviva.