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Hello, beauties !
Here is another collaboration post, this time with lovely Valentina from Brownimalist. if you don`t know her yet go check her facebook page and her blog because she recently changed the name and the whole look of the blog. She writes amazing post with awsome photos so you must definetly check her blog. 
So we decided to do a collaboration post about beauty products with pink packaging, so we look for pink stuff we own and write a post with short review of them.
So if you want to know ehich one I own, keep on reading.

Makeup Revolution I heart Makeup Pink Fizz Eyeshadow palette

I own this palette for almost a year, but I don`t use it very often because it containg lighter shades mostly in pink color, I use more often salted caramel palette which is my absolute favourite.
This palette has 16 shades, they are mixture of matte and shimmers. These shades are very good pigmented, you just need one good swipe with your brush and you`re done. They dust a liitle bit, also the lasting power is very good. They stay on my eyelids for a whole day.
I recommend this palette to everyone, who loves lighter pink toned shades, also there are few darker shades like brown and blue. A special thing about this palette is that shades smell like real strawberries !!

Bourjois Rouge edition velvet lipsticks

These two lipsticks in shade 10 Don`t pink of it and 11 So Hap`pink are my absolute favourites when we are talking about daily make up look. I use them almost everytime when I make a bit more nude daily make up look. The formula is awsome, very longlasting even if you are drinking they don`t leave marks on your glass. It easily stays on the lips for a whole day without noticeable fading. Lighter shade don`t pink of it is great nude pink shade suitable for every day, when the sahde so hap`pink is a bit more brighter pink color to add more brightness to you lips, I love to use this shade in the summertime.
They apply very nice, the aplicator is very good and it glides on the lips very nice, the pigmentation is also very good, I usually apply just one or two layers on my lips and I`m done. One bad thing about lipsticks is smell, I got used to it but one the beginning when I started to use the smell was horrible, something plastic or something like that, 

Dvorec Trebnik Gentle nourishing eye cream with rose water

I`m using this eye cream for about two weeks now, so I`ll write my first impressions about this eye cream. Texture is light, it`s easy to apply. It gentle nourishes my gentle skin around the eyes, this area is after using this cream very soft and it refreshes it a little bit, so if you are tired at the morning, you must check this cream, but I didn`t noticed any anti age effect. The whole review of this eye cream and face cream with honey are comin up when I test them out better,

Balea Liebestraum and L`Occitane hand cream

I love to use both hand creams, but L`occitane disappointed me a little bit. It`s not that nourishing I expected it woud be. It has a nice smell of roses which is my favourite, bou formula is not very nourishing. I have very dry hands even in the summer, so i must reapply it after half of an hour. This small package is great for traveling, you can stick it in your pocket if you want to.
I like the balea hand cream a little bit more, because it`s suitable for dry hands and the feeling of smooth and nourished hand stayed on me a little bit longer. I adore the cute pink packaging with tiny hearts, tulips and lovely bridge. I laso like the floral scent which is very suitable for spring time when everything starts to burst.

Essence Lights of Oient body splash and 
 Kozmetika Afrodita secret Garden Romantic peony shower gel

I simply love this essence body splash, first because of cte pink packaging, second the smell is great. On the first sight you can see tiny gold glitter in it which transfers great on the sking and give it a nice summery glow to your skin but you must be careful when using this body splas because it can wet you clothes so is better to spray it only on your skin. I really love the scent, it`s oriental but unfortunately it doesn`t lasts very long on me.
I laso love Kozmetika Afrodita shower gels, and this one is currently my favourite. Its very nice floral scented cream shower gel which nourishes my skin very well. The smell stays one for an hour and it leaves my skin silky soft. I would be very happy if they released body lotion with the same scent.

Makeup Revolution unicorns unite lipstick, essence urbaniced lip cream and maybelline falsies push up drama mascara

These lipsticks are a little bit older but I still use them. I dont own too many makeup revolution lipstick because I think they are not very good quality, but this one is ok, it`s nothing special but it has a nice pink color I like to use it in summer day. The pigmentation is quite ok, but nothing special but it glides on very nice, the lasting power is ok if you are not drinking or eating,
I like this essence lip cream from their older limited edition called urbaniced. It`s nice nude pink color and it gentle color your lips, if you apply more layeers color gets a little bit more noticeable on the lips, The formula is light, there was also a small brush included but it didn`t work very well for me, I like to use it with my finger or lip brush,
This mascara is my currently favourite because it give a nice volume to my lashes without sticking them together. Formula is ok, it`s not waterproof but it lasts the whole day on my lashes. I recommend this mascara to everyone who wants a nice volume without clumps.

So we came on the end of my pink beauty products and I hope you like them. Go and check brownimalist`s pink beauty products.

You can read her here at Brownimalist, and also follow her on facebook, instagram. Don`t forget to check her post Here !

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Najprej hvala ti za sodelovanje! :)

    Drugače pa novi Afroditini geli za prhanje so res odlični! Moj favorit je sicer divja orhideja :P Pa čudovite fotografije!

    1. hvala tudi tebi za sodelovanje! Ja res ta potonika res zmaga, ko porabim še mroem ostala dva sprobat. Hvala, tudi ti delaš prekrasne fotografije.

  2. Jaz imam tudi zgornjo paletko, sam men pa ful smrdi po gnilemu sadju. :/

  3. Jaz imam tudi zgornjo paletko, sam men pa ful smrdi po gnilemu sadju. :/