Review : Japan Candy Box April 2016

Hello, beauties !
After a sunny weekend I`m back again with very sweet post. This time I`m reviewing a april`s japan candy box. This was my very first box eevr and i must say I was very satisfied with the content. I really liked almost every candy, except one. To find out what candy I didnt like just keep on reading.

Crayon Shin Chan Butt Pudding DIY kit

This jelly pudding is so easy to make. I followed the instructions, mix te milk and the pudding mixture and put it in  the fridge and wait for few hours to chill. Sadly I ate this pudding too quickly so I didn`t take a picture at the end how the pudding look like. If you still don`t know how to make this pudding, you can find a short video on japan candy box`s site.
The pudding was so yummy, it tasted like sweet vanilla.

Nissin Crisp Choco Corn Snack

This choco corn I liked the most. It tasted really nice, not to sweet but still very good. I ate this snack immidiately. and it`s encased in milk chocolate.I also liked this snack because is very crunchy and it`s in a round shape.

Happy Nikukyu Cat Paw gummies

This is the most adorable candy in the whole box. These cat paw gummies are super delicious with the taste of grape, which I don`t like the most, but these gummies are so delicious, they are a little bit sour and the taste of grape isn`t that strong.

Candemina Grape Sour Candies

These candies I laso liked very much. They laso tasted like grape but these are lot more sour than the previous one but I still liked these candies, cause I loves these sour candies when I was a little child. 

Fujiya Anpanman Ramune Candies

These hard candies are shaped as characters of anpanman and his friends. They ome in four different tastes like orange, grape, peach and apple. I think mine were in taste of grape again. These candies were very good, they are not very sweet and they refreshes your moth. These candies also contain green tea to protect your teeth. 

Hello Kitty Babies Boro Egg Cookies

I adore hello kitty so was very excited to try out these candies. On the packaging it says that these are baby cookies, but the taste was surprisngly very good, they tasted sweet but very gentle so they are good for children.

Nissin Coconut Sable Cookies

I love coconut so i was also very excited to try them out and the taste was very good! The taste of coconut is very natural and it`s amazing! They are crunchy and also contains calcium.

Morinaga Choco Balls

These candies were nothing special, just an ordinary chocolate bally. But I love the packaging with Kyuro-chan bird which makes the whole packaging more kawaii.

Chobo Chobo Biscuits

These candies are very cute because the come in a bite size little egg biscuits. They are crispy and crunch and don`t have any special taste, they are traditional egg cookies in Japan. 

Eiwa Strawberry Marshamallows

And these are the only candies I didn`t like in this box. They come in nice packaging, they are very soft and spongy. Inside their fluffiness they have sweet strawberry taste. I didn`t like them because they are to sweet and I don`t like marshmallows at all.

So, we came on the end of aprils japan candy box. I can say that this box was very interessting and I try out something new, I liked almost all of the candies except of the strawberry marshamllows. 
You can get your box Here !

So, how did you like this post ? Do you like the items in it ? Let me know ion the comments down below, I appreciate everyone of them.
Than you for reading.


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  1. OMG kake kjut stvari :D za marshmallows pa sem ziher,da bi meni bili všeč :D so pa tiste mačje tačke the cuuuutest. :D
    J. ♡

    1. Ful je luštna škatlica ta mesec ! Meni so bili najljubši oni keksi s kokosom ! <3