New In : April 2016

Hello, beauties !
Another month passed and I`m writing again a post about my new beauty products I bought last month. Surprising this month was very good one, I got noticed by two brands, which offered me a collaboration and I agree with them and so few days later two lovely packages suprised me. Also this month was very popular new limited edition lights of orient by essence, so I grabbed a few things ----->> You can read a review Here !
Keep on reading, if you want to know what I also bought this month.

[A’kin] Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil

At the beginning of this month, lovely Urška from noticed my blog and offered me a chance to try out pure radiance rosehip oil, so I agreed and receive a package few days later. Im using this oil for a two weeks now, and my first impressions are very good, my sking is much softer and healthier after using this oil in the morning and evening. A review coming soon on my blog.

Oriflame Essense&Co lemon&verbena

This mont I won a giveaway on intagram page of my fellow blogger Cherrycolors ! I won the whole lemon&verbena line, which includeshand&body lotion, body wash andliquid hand soap. I am very impressed with these ones, they smell amazingly refreshing, just right for the summer which is around the corner (I hope it will come very soon) !

L`Occitane goodies

This bunch of gooies I bought second hand on I was very excited to try their hand creams for the first time but I was a little bit disappointed, because they aren`t very nourishing and I must reapply after half of an hour. But still this amond shower oil smells amazing and the cleansing oil is amazing because it doesn`t irritate my gentle skin around the eyes. I also received a bunch of samples and a lovely bag in my favourite color.

Kozmetika Afrodita Secret Garden

I couldn`t resist buying these new shower gels from Kozmetika Afrodita and all I can say is Amazing!! Again Kozmetika Afrodita did a great job with this shower gels, because they smell very nice. Currently I`m using lovely roses and I love the gentle smell of roses, simply adore this smell. I laso bought my favourite extreme hydration gace mask and fresh and well rested look eye mask. They kindly gave me a sample of chamomille shampoo.

Essence Lights of Orient LE

I also grapped a few pieces of this very popular limited edition. All these products are very good quality except of body splash, which stays on me around 20 minutes. You can check my whole review in my previous post.

Blippo Kawaii Shop

I also ordered a few cute thing from blippo kawaii box. I got my eyes on anything kawaii this month, because of the cutest things I saw. So I ordered Okitoki locked notebook, cute hello kitty pen, squishy in shape of paw, panda chocolate cookies and koala milk cocoa biscuits. 

Lidl goodies

Also Lidl noticed my blog this month and they kindly offered me a chance to collaborate. And few day later I received a really huge package containing all of beauty products from their cien line. I receivedfive nail polishes and one base and top coat, six lip glosses and four liquid foundations.
Thanks a lot again, Lidl, you really made my whole month!


Also lič surpires us this month with nice pink package. I received freedom makeup creme&highlight palette, freedom pro studio brush bath and brow powder in shade taupe.
Thanks again Lič ! <3


I had a gift card this month for mercator so I decide to buy few new beauty products from Dvorec Trebnik, I got my eyes on anti imperfection face cream with honey and gentle nourishing eye cream with rose water. So far, so good ! Review coming soon!
At muller I found a full stand of Little eyebrow monsters limited edition, so I must bought few things. I got eyebrow stencils, eyebrow&highlighter set in shade 02 little miss bold, eyebrow mascara and eyebrow lifter in pink shade.

So, we are at he end of this months new in. So how do you likem my new products ? Did you try out anything? Let me know in the comments down below, I appreciate every one of them.
Thanks for reading!


2 komentarja

  1. Zanimivo, da slišim predvsem v zadnjem času precej kritik na L'occitanove kreme glede učinka. Včasih so bile ocenjene kot najboljše, sedaj pa je vedno več ljudi, tudi blogerk, ki z njimi niso najbolj zadovoljne.

    Afroditini tuš geli so super! Odkar sem preizkusila dva, so mi postali najboljši :)

    Zanima me ocena Lidlovih dobrot, predvsem lakov. Jo boš napisala v bližnji prihodnosti?

    1. Ja tudi jaz sem bila mnenja, da so kremice najboljše ampak niso najbolj hranilne saj imam zelo suhe roke tudi poleti, res pa je da lepo dišijo.
      Ja kozmetika afrodita je tudi zame favorit, ko je govora o tuš gelih in izdelkih za nego.
      Ja vsekakor bo tudi objava o lidlovih izdelkih, ko jih dodobra stestiram!